Research Sound Piece

Rhythmical, relaxing a complete contrast of sound-until the typing begins, then frustration and irritation while trying to decipher the typed word.  Willing it on: in a similar way to the Piano piece.

As Lefebvre states in his book Rhythmanalysis:Space, Time and Everyday Life

‘In Order to grasp and analyse rhythms, it is necessary to get outside them, but not completely: be it through illness or a technique.¬† However, to grasp a rhythm it is necessary to have been grasped by it; one must let oneself go, give oneself over, abandon oneself to its duration.

In order to grasp this fleeting object, which is not exactly an object, it is therefore necessary to situate oneself simultaneously inside and outside.’ pg37

The sound mixes with other peripheral white noises highlighting this effect making it difficult to distinguish.

Research Layer 12456

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