A Thought Happening-Voyage of the Line 2

At Interlude the MA part time group interim show I installed A Thought Happening -Voyage of the Line and it became apparent that this piece is a site specific work, it requires a loop installation either the length of the film of as big as you can make it in the space given: prior preferable.  To enable the film to be literally looped through the projector and the installation to play through the circular motion with no tangles, pulls or twists.

The Cine film has a haptic quality that is not present in the digital Moving image, a real-time thought process initially smooth albeit a tad haphazard but we are speaking internal nerves and migrating information through miles of miniature pathways. Leading onto broken disjointed flashing fried mono-snapshots of staccato moments and broken thoughts, shattered shuddering and splintered.

Once the interactions are determined, the analysis continues. Is there a hierarchy in the tangled mess, this scaffolding? A determining rhythm? A primordial and coordinating aspect? (Lefebvre 2013:43)

While playing throughout Interlude an interesting structural occurrence happened upon the film itself, the more it was played the more the pen line was scratched off, the more the film was scratched so inevitably one replaced the other in an ever evolving process.