The Annual Making Art Work Show

Blurred Boundaries

November Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, to Nucleus Gallery, Chatham.

That’s wonderful, but I’m screaming inside.  The Miasma of head thug; the pain; the deafening white noise; that cacophony of thoughts tangled in one’s mind, scrambling into an incoherent mess that will not be quiet come day or night.

From the indecipherable acetate you follow the black wool to a colour bomb of lines; Journeying through your memory to distant plains.

This is Therapy: creating ‘Journeys’ colouring the nothingness-repetitive action-keeps the body hand eye coordination busy.  Freeing the mind to organise the hidden chaos.

Until a single line of thought flows -black wool-to the book mark, used to separate each page of acetate to reveal the poem.

The wool resembles the synaptic link of brain communication. Which is broken until you the viewer complete the circle with the bookmark and therefore are able to read/decipher the words of the poem.

We may look alright but are we…

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ZBB Create in Concert II

The Zen Bicycle band

Create in concert, on the night, no musical score.  Not one of the musicians have seen my visuals and I obviously do not know what they will play: it all comes together on the night.

This is a film clip of the performance at the Brewery Tap Gallery, Folkestone Nov ’17


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Christmas Craft Fayre

Singleton Environmental Centre, Ashford- 9th December 10.30-2.30

I have a table with my daughter selling our creations.

Mother and Daughter Art Stall


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Zen Bicycle Band

Was an absolute success, sight and sound enhancing each other throughout.

A brief view of the evenings event;


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Create in Concert


This film was the visual element of a Zen Bicycle Band ‘Create in Concert’ event.
Three very talented musicians played improvised music while my film played behind them-they hadn’t seen the film and I obviously hadn’t heard the music.
And at some points both where in sync.
So positive was the feedback we are collaborating again in November, Folkestone, Brewery Tap.

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TeamRegeneratED MS Podcast

The Centre of Regenerative Medicine Edinburgh invited me t0 do an interview for a podcast on art, research and science communication. Discussing automatic drawing, ailments, snowflakes, oligodendrocytes and more. oh and i think i forgot to mention fatigue, only the … Continue reading

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Colour Journeys

My work traverses medium and most disciplines in a process lead, intuitive manner.  I create because I need to create.  I believe there is always a positive in every situation-sometimes you have to think outside the box, or dig deeper to find it.  The positive in my situation is I get lots of time to think, create and colour, I can’t just sit and do nothing, once I have awakened and am able.  Until then I think, mainly jumbled thoughts, messy notions-a bit here, a bit there, haphazard.

At these times, I make quick repetitive work, (no thought or concentration needed!) bodily seismographic drawings which work as my ‘snowflakes’, no two are the same – a simile for our neurons.  Now colouring them in, using them as a wonderful repetitive, process lead, colour therapy. Freeing my mind and focusing thought-keeping body busy with process, calming the messy thought thug-the white noise, into a tornado twist that tightens to a pen point, a line of thought.


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FINE a new film

How do you feel?

How do

How do you feel


The stock answer a sufferer of chronic perpetual pain and discomfort recites before thinking about the real answer.

The daily fight to keep the positivity flowing.


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Preparation for Making Art Work Art Market

Art Market 19th September @ Maidstones indoor market space Lockmeadow Market ME14

Making poetry books, namely my mathematically constrained interchangeable – The Variance, Vagaries and Extreme Randomness of MS or TERMS for short!

TERMS-1TERMSI’m aiming for 5 a day but its tough going!!

Limited Edition Including 3 original drawings or occasionally a print carefully selected and placed within each book.  Signed and numbered.



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Bring Your Own Beamer BYOB

I took mine…

An international Happening of moving image art that encourages an open call to artists to pitch up with their ‘Beamer’ / projector for a night of live collaboration.  Established in Berlin by Rafael Rozendaal in 2010, since then it has become a global phenomenon with Events and Happenings taking place in cities across the globe.

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