A Rich Tapestry of Work

Vaguely reminiscent of the whirly gig…

but just beautiful and memorising ‘A Moment on the Beach’.  On beautiful sunny days when feeling tight and fuzzy it would be a luxury to happen upon a wonder such as this to sit in quite contemplative mode and just Be.

The Whirly Gig

 Whirly Gig 1

It looks simple, have a go… competition against oneself begins, frustration sets in and builds up.  Irritation for all those around is on the rise, one slip, one misjudgement start again.  The internal communication system under the spot light to be witnessed and experienced.

Then comes the sound

The sound for me is raw and personal, i’m learning the piano, i’ve wanted to learn it since a child, its taking a long time…  The ‘music’ and its mistakes speaks for the in-articulation or the mis-communication/slip-ups between brain and body.

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