Final Exhibition Prep

A Moment in My Life… 12.12.12  Deborah Humm

‘C Major Scan’ 2012

My line of enquiry is the manipulation of the norm in an expression of the everyday, I do this in a variety of endeavours, visually articulating the communication of brain and body; mind and functionality; thought and action.  Messages from the brain not reaching the body, and from the body not reaching the brain.  Rogue communications, misinterpretations, lost and broken signals resulting in frustration and annoyance.

Thinking about the practical, biological functionality of how the nerves work-the internal communication network of the body I work with the conducting material metal wire.  Twisting and wrapping to mimic the tangle of nerves one might imagine.  The everyday communication between brain and body doing the mundane, taken for granted action of breathing, blinking, seeing, walking, picking up and holding a pen to write or draw the spark of a thought, the magic moment of creation of idea.

Then oh the addition of the rebel, the non-conductor, the translucent material of Glass opens up a world of contradictions, which can also experienced through ones senses. Glass Globlets break the communication line of the wire disrupting the signal.

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