Colour Journeys

My work traverses medium and most disciplines in a process lead, intuitive manner.  I create because I need to create.  I believe there is always a positive in every situation-sometimes you have to think outside the box, or dig deeper to find it.  The positive in my situation is I get lots of time to think, create and colour, I can’t just sit and do nothing, once I have awakened and am able.  Until then I think, mainly jumbled thoughts, messy notions-a bit here, a bit there, haphazard.

At these times, I make quick repetitive work, (no thought or concentration needed!) bodily seismographic drawings which work as my ‘snowflakes’, no two are the same – a simile for our neurons.  Now colouring them in, using them as a wonderful repetitive, process lead, colour therapy. Freeing my mind and focusing thought-keeping body busy with process, calming the messy thought thug-the white noise, into a tornado twist that tightens to a pen point, a line of thought.


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