Crossing Places Exhibition

During invigilation it was noted that due to my Loss of Signal III interactive Buzzer piece being installed people where staying in the gallery longer that normally anticipated. Engaging, entering into battle, competition with themselves and the Pipe.  A go on the game Bzzzz a look around, another go on the game Bzzz, a look around-flirting with the pipe in the corner of their eye-keep going back, trying to get further up the pipe.

In doing so, they are taking in and spending more time with the work around them.

Gallery shots

Gallery shots

IMG_4311 IMG_0960 IMG_0956 IMG_4298 IMG_4288


A few quotes from the comment book:

‘good choice of art, very diverse & excellent arrangement’ Marion and David of Whitstable

‘V.good show-thought provoking’ Dee Taylor

‘A very different way of looking at STUFF-thankyou!!!’ Cally Skinner

‘Good to see something different/interesting’ Barry Fincham

‘Very relaxing, therapeutic for me and stimulating, as a ….. scientist and painter’ Richard Taylor

‘Amazing work.  Has really given me ideas as to what i want my final project to be’ Burmi Adesyi

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