51Zero Pop Gallery Submission

To glean a visual articulation of our internal communication: 20 Moments…on Screen is a moving image of 20 individual automatic drawings, created to a strict 15-minute time frame directly onto the digital screen. The ‘journey’ drawings are layered and sped up to 5 minutes-the thought process is quick. Being automatic I am capturing and developing the language of bodily biorhythms and movements; coughs, sneezes, hiccups and twitches.

The daily inversion between the internal signal of movement and the corresponding external physical movement is highlighted.

The surprising element of this work is the image created is reminiscent of the neurons and synaptic connectivity in our brains.

Neurons, Jnl of NScse 2012.

Neurons, from Journal of science 2012.

Screen Shot from 20 Moments...on Screen 1.9.14

Screen shot from 20 Moments…on Screen 2014.

When the festival closes I’ll release a Vimeo copy of the film.

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